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MOBILE NOW Act S.19 and DIGIT Act S.88 and DIGIT Act HR.686

S.19 and S.88 follow in the footsteps of Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 by effectively taking away our rights to oppose wireless facilities on the grounds of health or environment. The MOBILE NOW Act is now on the senate floor for final vote! Call Every Senator IMMEDIATELY and Ask them to put S.19 on HOLD so that it cannot be heard by the Senate. One Senator can place a bill on HOLD and stop it! This bill lays the foundation for 5G Networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) that will require a small cell transmitter every couple of homes emitting high frequencies – 24GHz to 90GHz – of wireless radiation. These transmitters will be put in public right of ways EXEMPT FROM ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH OR SAFETY REVIEW. See this helpful guidethis post from WhatIs5G, and this PSA from Cece Doucette to learn how you can take action!

  1. Call Senator Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leaders Office First: (202) 224-2541
  2. Call EVERY Senator’s Office Now and tell them to PUT A HOLD this bill ASAP.
  3. Ask to speak to the Legislative Director explain that it is regarding pending legislation (if not available ask to speak to staff in charge of health). If not available leave a message for either one. Try not to talk to the receptionist that answers because they do not even write down that you called. Follow up with an email after you make calls. Staffers do read emails.
  4. Tell them you want the Senator to PUT A HOLD on the Mobile Now Act S.19. Talk about health effects and your experience. Tell them here have been over 24,000 studies proving its devitalizing effect on ALL biological organisms…plants and animals! You may call other state senators by dialing *67 then the Senator’s number and tell them the same thing. There are only 100 Senators, your story can make a real impact. You can also send an email by asking for the legislative director’s First and Last Name and use the standard email format: First Name_Last Name@Senator’s Last Name.Senate.gov (ex: Jane Doe in Senator Harris’s office would have this email: Jane_Doe@Harris.Senate.gov)

CA State Bill SB-649 – Hearing was Wednesday, April 26th

SB 649 would steamroll local government’s ability to regulate the placement of 5G wireless infrastructure in YOUR neighborhood and would remove barriers to the small-cell siting process. To get a sense of where this is going, over 80 cities in Ohio have filed lawsuits opposing a similar bill, Ohio Senate Bill 331. More information at The Microwave Factor and here.

To comment:

  1. Click here and login; if you have not registered you will need to do so.
  2. After you register click the circle “oppose” and send your comments (2000 characters) to the author. If you are representing a group please sign as such. Before you click submit, copy your comments into a separate email. Send the same comments to your State Senator.
  4. Here is a template to use as a starting pointThe [name of your group or I] urge(s) you to withdraw SB 649 with its proposed amendments in RN 17 08941, related to the permitting of wireless and small cell telecommunications facilities. This proposal unnecessarily and unconstitutionally strips local authority over public property and shuts out public input and local discretion by eliminating consideration of the human health and safety, aesthetic, environmental, and consequential economic impacts of so-called “small cells.” Using the misleading term “small cell”, proponents claim falsely that there would be little impact. They do not even consider the fact that the “small cell’s” deployed electromagneticradiation interferes with biological electrical functioning, as in whole-body neurologic functioning and cellular electrophysiology in humans, animals, insects, and plants. The cumulative size specifications of all the so-called “small cells”, their infrastructural and associated equipment, deploy radiation in the whole, far in excess of that of a single “small cell”. The radiation intensity approaches that of a microwave weapon called a maser. With many different simultaneous wavelengths, this radiation penetrates human and animal bodies at all depths, while particularly targeting the major organs: brain, heart, thyroid, thymus, lungs, breasts, kidneys, genitalia, and eyes. Bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators, already extremely vulnerable from previous wireless infrastructures and pesticides, with their body and antenna size approaching those of the various wavelengths to be deployed under SB 649, are even more absorbent of such radiation, and would have no escape from it anywhere. As such, they would likely be gone within 1-5 years. This proposal would prohibit local discretionary review of “small cell” wireless antennas, including equipment collocated on existing structures or located on new “poles, structures, or non-pole structures,” including those within the public right-of-way and buildings. The proposal preempts adopted local land use plans by mandating that “small cells” be allowed in all zones as a use by-right, including all residential zones. As such, the proposal provides a de facto exemption to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the installation of such facilities, and precludes consideration by the public of the health and safety, aesthetic, nuisance, and environmental impacts of these facilities, all of which are of particular importance when the proposed location of facilities is within a residential zone and in rural areas that are the remaining habitat for animals, beneficial insects and plantlife. SB 649’s use of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition of a “small cell” includes other equipment such as electric meters, concealment, telecom demarcation boxes, ground-based enclosures, battery backup power systems, grounding equipment, power transfer switches, cutoff switches, cables, or conduits. The proposal allows an unlimited number of antennas of less than three cubic feet each or six cubic feet for all antennas, while placing no height restrictions on the pole. The proposal also unconstitutionally preempts local authority by requiring local governments to make available sites they own for the installation of a “small cell.” While the city may place “fair and reasonable terms and conditions” on the use of city property, the proposal does not provide the city with any discretion to deny a “small cell” to be located on city property except for fire department sites. In effect, this measure unconstitutionally gives control of public property to private telecommunications companies, while also precluding local governments from leasing or licensing publicly owned property. SB 649 strips local government of its authority to protect the quality of life of our residents, and to protect public property and the public right-of-way from relatively unconstrained access by small cells. Outrageously, it requires local governments to approve “small cells” in all land use zones, including residential zones, through a ministerial permit, thereby shutting the public out of decisions that could affect the aesthetics of their community and the quality of their environment. Clearly, the Bill is irrational in its demands and must be withdrawn. For these reasons, [name of your group or I] urge you to withdraw SB 649.

NHTSA-2016-0126 –  Commenting closed.

0126 would mandate V2V wireless communication in light vehicles. Here is one sample letter you could’ve used as a starting point.

FCC Filing 16-421 – Commenting closed.

16-421 would remove industry barriers to rolling out 5G technology and make it easier to deploy the Internet of Things (IoT).

Reorganizing the Executive Branch – Submit Comments by June 12th

President Trump wants your input: ask him for revised FCC standards and a ban on cellular phones and Wi-Fi in schools! Submit advice here.

Wireless Communications In Transit – June 20th & 21st

Industry speakers are going to try for the 2nd year in a row to convince transportation agencies around the country to install Wi-Fi in all public transporation modes – bus, train, etc. – and to wirelessly connect all modes of public transportation into one mesh network, similar to plans for V2V. Please attend or protest at the event, which will be held in Washington, D.C.

Unified Presidential Letter Writing Campaign

We plan to write letters to the President on a regular basis. If we all send in our letters on the same day, that may be more effective. While the letters and post-card below are starting points, we encourage everyone to write their own personal letter. If we could all send emails on the same day, that would be even better. Be sure to voice your opinion to the White House as well: (202) 456-1414! We plan to repeat our calls, emails, and letters every week until the White House responds.

Letters to the President – DOCX Files (editable)
Summary Letter A
Summary Letter B
Letter 1 – Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Letter 2 – Lower the FCC standards
Letter 3 – Ban cell phone usage among children
Letter 4 – Impose a smart-meter ban
Letter 5 – Ban Wi-Fi in schools
Letter 6 – Create “white spots” or EMR sanctuaries
Letter 7 – Remove barriers to the purchase and use of incandescent light-bulbs
Letter 8 – Recognize EHS as a valid disability/diagnosis in the US
Additional Letter 1 – Science
Additional Letter 2 – Ban Public Wi-Fi
Additional Letter 3 – Building Integrity
Additional Letter 4A – The EHS “bare-bones” template
Additional Letter 4B – The EMS filled template

Letters to the President – PDF Files (not editable)
Summary Letter A
Summary Letter B
Letter 1 – Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Letter 2 – Lower the FCC standards
Letter 3 – Ban cell phone usage among children
Letter 4 – Impose a smart-meter ban
Letter 5 – Ban Wi-Fi in schools
Letter 6 – Create “white spots” or EMR sanctuaries
Letter 7 – Remove barriers to the purchase and use of incandescent light-bulbs
Letter 8 – Recognize EHS as a valid disability/diagnosis in the US
Additional Letter 1 – Science
Additional Letter 2 – Ban Public Wi-Fi
Additional Letter 3 – Building Integrity
Additional Letter 4B – The EMS filled template

Post Card Template
EMF Post-Card PDF file (not editable)*

*We cannot post the Publisher file due to WordPress restrictions. If you would like an editable version of the post-card, please use the Contact Form and we’ll email you a copy.

Corinne Hoisington – Promotes virtual and augmented reality headsets for kids (involves holding cell phones up to the head of developing children)

Professor, Central Virginia Community College
Email: hoisingtonc@centralvirginia.edu
Telephone: (434) 832-7682

Rick Snyder, Michigan Governor – believes smart-meters are safe since they adhere to FCC guidelines (which we know are obsolete)

Contact Information & Contact Form
Governor’s Telephone: (517) 373-3400
Constituent Relations Telephone: (517) 335-7858

La Crosse Cell Towers – 13 cell towers are being proposed

Mobilitie, the company that wants to erect these towers, withdrew their proposal of the 13 towers and is in the process of providing a “good faith” application with the citizens of La Crosse. Mayor Kabat asserts that data demands are growing, making these towers necessary, while WIZM maintains a favorable outlook on the towers, deeming them necessary and portraying those opposed to it as “luddites”.

Mayor Tim Kabat – email    (608) 789-7500
WIZM AM 1410 – email        (608) 785-7914

Keith Country Day School Wi-Fi

Please read the following story from Electra-Health’s Shaun Kranish:
My wife, Lana, and I have two young daughters – 3 and 6 years of age. Our oldest daughter has been attending this school for a few years and we’ve been educating the head of school – Dr. Debra Dimke – on the dangers of WiFi. I measured the school and found high readings. After speaking with the head of school and emailing her many times, she gave us verbal (advice – make sure you get it in writing) permission to take steps to reduce the exposure without affecting the WiFi. I offered to donate my time and even lots of equipment/material to help improve the health of the school’s environment. This is my 9th year in this field – it’s my profession and job. I’ve studied from the best in the world (Dave Stetzer and many others), worked with thousands of individuals around the world to help them clean their environment, and will also very soon be certified as an electromagnetic radiation specialist (EMRS) by the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology. I completed their electromagnetic seminars at the very top of my classes, earning the highest marks on the final exams anyone has ever gotten. This isn’t a hobby to me – it is serious work – and my desire and hope was to greatly improve the health of the school! for all of those children and my own. First I installed a remote control switch that would turn off all of the WiFi when it is not needed, and easily turn it back on temporarily when it was absolutely necessary. This proved not to work – no one would turn it back off. The WiFi was going all the time.
The next step was to shield the WiFi access points. I first did this with the Swiss Shield material, and it was very effective – 95% or better reduction! The custodian – who was there while I installed it and said nothing – removed it without letting my wife or me know. My wife was also a substitute teacher at the school, so there isn’t an excuse not to contact us. That’s ok – I came back with aluminum screen material and shielded it very carefully – this time with a material that no one should have any concerns about. Then this was removed! Once again with no notification or contact from anyone. I found out who was removing it – the school’s IT guy and one of the members of the board of trustees. My first attempts to contact him brought no response. Then an email directly to him finally got a response. The head of school, who had been leading us on that “it should be fine” and “I don’t see a problem with it” while we installed the material, now asked us stop installing the material. We had already explained that our concern level was so high that we did not feel safe having our children in the building. So with no reason – no explanation as to why the shielding material was being removed – the children at the school were left exposed to 3 WiFi access points blasting out a World Health Organization Group 2B possible carcinogenic agent. With our 2 girls out of school, a meeting was set with the head of school, the IT guy, and the technology committee head. The evening before the meeting, we received a one-line email that I quote: “We are unable to meet tomorrow evening. We will get a meeting rescheduled as soon as we can.”
Our calls the next day were unanswered and not returned. We then received this email:

“Good afternoon,
It has been a very busy day and I know you have been trying to reach me.
After much thought, I do not think it will be possible to resolve our differences. The Business Office is preparing to send you a partial refund check for tuition and fees.
Please know I sincerely wish the Kranish Family the very best. Thank you for your support to the school and our teachers.
If there is a need to discuss any Keith business, please contact Mr. David Vella. Mr. Vella may be reached at vellalundlaw@yahoo.com.
Deb Dimke” 

We were being kicked out of the school for raising concerns about the health and safety of the children going there! But here is the deal, this is just the beginning. We’re not going to let willful ignorance and refusal to discuss an issue so important go unchecked. Reason and facts and logic need to step in. Apparently the appetite for wireless technology is so great that some are willing to ignore the huge mound of evidence that it’s harmful. My wife and I are going to go head on with this school and not give up. There are other concerned parents, and ultimately the parents should decide since regulators and even the school’s own administration is unwilling to be swayed by all of the science and facts surrounding the issue. There has still to this day been no explanation as to why those access points couldn’t be turned down and/or shielded. This is unacceptable to my wife and me. We are going public with this story. Please learn from us and use the information to tackle this issue with your own schools, to protect the children you care about. WiFi has been removed from many schools already, as it should be. It’s up to us. Let’s set the example and be the parents and grandparents we are called to be. The facts will be our primary weapon to win these battles. Let’s protect these children!!!

Debra Dimke, Head of School           (815) 231-1114      10am-4pm Central
Keith School Technology Office       (815) 399-8850 ext. 118

Wikipedia Advance: EHS & Guy Macon

Wikipedia Articles/Pages of Conflict & Other Noteworthy Pages
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Article
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Article Talk
Guy Macon – User Talk
Nalbert123 – User Talk
Administrator’s Noticeboard: Incident Archive 943 – Nalbert123
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Article Talk Archive #7 – Emails
*Be sure to adhere to Wikipedia standards for encyclopedic and scientific content. Primary research should not be referenced for science-related topics, such as EHS.  Please read this article for more info about verifiability, and contact Wikipedia with any concerns you may have about bias or vandalism (even though they likely won’t listen).

Don’t know where to start? How about this article on the microwave auditory effect?

Mr. Guy Macon is a self-taught electrical engineer who takes pride in vandalizing Wikipedia, asserting that EHS does not exist and that there is no scientific basis for it, even though many reputable studies have confirmed its existence. He resorts to crude language and threats when encountering people holding viewpoints differing from his own. Furthermore, after extensive analysis of his domain, it appears that his domain’s DNS records fraudulent as well. Clearly, he is up to no good. You can slap him with a trout on Wikipedia and contact him using the information below:

Email – mailbox128@guymacon.com and domainowner255@guymacon.com

6158 Flamingo Drive
Buena Park, CA 90620-1328

(714) 670-1687     Macon (home – don’t spam)
(714) 388-8548     Mr. Macon, cell
(714) 388-8647     Mrs. Macon, cell

Smart-Meter Revolt
*Read about the smart-meter regulations in your state or territory here*

Smart Meter Doctor/Disability Letter to PUC/PSC/Utility [Template]

Day of Action

Smart Meter Day Of Action: http://actiondaytostopsmartmeters.org/
EMR Action Day: http://www.emractionday.org/