Here are some great, high-quality, action-inspiring posters! Email them, download them, print them out and hang ’em up – make sure the word gets out!

Our Posters/Flyers/Hand-Outs
Disposable “Get Involved” Cards (2-sided)
Disposable “Health-Risk” Cards (2-sided)
Device Warning Labels (2 different types/not 2-sided)
Wireless Warning Letter
“Wireless Warning” Poster
“7 Simple Steps” Flyer
“4 Myths About Wi-Fi” Poster
“Sign Petitions” Poster
“Take Survey” Poster
“Landlines VS VoIP” Poster
“Smart” Meter Word Art
RF Radiation Guide

Posters/Flyers from Save Landlines! & Stop Smart Meters!
“Save Landlines” Flagship Flyer
“Stop Smart Meters” Flagship Flyer
Public Health Warning Card – Part 1
Public Health Warning Card – Part 2

Third-Party Posters/Flyers (that are just as good!)
SMEN – Unexplained Illness? It could be your electric meter
NACST – Daughters in Wireless Classroom
NACST – WiFi Exposure Symptoms
NACST – Corded Landlines are SAFE for Children
NACST – Cell phones have not been tested for children’s safety
NACST – Children deserve a safe, healthy school environment – FREE of wireless radiation