Please take a few minutes and sign as many of these petitions as you can! Some of them are very close to acquiring the required amount of signatures! Remember, every signature counts – get all of your friends and family to sign too!

Petitions & Fundraisers
Stop the extreme expansion of cell towers on every street in America
Petition for NM legislators to vote NO! on the 2018 Wireless Consumer Advanced Infrastructure Investment Act
IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1
Release the State’s “Buried” Cell Phone Public Health Advisory NOW!
Help Us Take the FCC to Court (Why??? Read this atrocious legislation!)
Stop US Cellular’s Residential Cell Tower Construction
Remove Towers From Ripon Unified School District
Repeal Section 704 of the “Telecommunications Act of 1996”
Keep landlines in rural areas
Citizens: Unite Against Microcell Transmitters
Clear Health warnings for cell phone packaging
Legislate to keep NBN Towers at least 1km from our Schools
Restore consumer choice in Electric Meter and Gas Meter Technology connected to a consumer’s home
Vote of No Confidence in WHO’s EMF Project
Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1
Stop Microwave Radiation and Wifi in California’s Public Schools!
Urge Congress on EMF Safety, FCC Must Change Exposure Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure
Get Wi-Fi Out of Public Schools
Stop Exposing Children to Radiation from WiFi and 3G until long-term exposure is proven harmless
Stop the Cell Phone Tower!
Reduce disabling wireless & EMFs!
The British Columbia Resolution on the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation
Stop New Cell Towers in Guelph, Ontario
Urgent Need for Biologically-based EMF Public Exposure Standards
STOP Redeemer Cell Tower
STOP New York State WIRELESS/SMART Meter Program
Explore Solutions that Minimize Wireless Radiation in the Classrooms
Stop The Verizon Cell Tower At Elworthy Ranch
Health Risk: Cell phone tower to be constructed in Teatown (Croton on Hudson, NY)
No Cell Phone Tower in Kenilworth IL
Cell Tower Erection – Olivedale
Radiation Red Alert
Halt Massachusetts Smart Meter Program
Stop Smartmeters in Victoria NOW
Repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Stop Kentucky Smart Meter Program
Truth & Facts Never Lie 2016 Petition
Stop PGE’s Price Gouging and Unethical Billing Practices
GoFundMe: Rebecca’s Justice, Rebecca’s Heart – Smart Meter Battle
Stop Huge VodaFone Mast in Wells Residential Area (Read their story here)