Welcome to Wireless Action! Advocating for safe technology, we work very closely with Save Landlines and Stop Smart Meters. Please use the form below to contact us:

Wireless Action is a proud member of the Save Landlines and Stop Smart Meters organizations, whom you may call toll-free at 1 (888) 965-6435 from 9am to 5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday. (You may leave a message during off-hours.)

If you would prefer to send a letter, please write to:

Stop Smart Meters!
PO Box 682
Portola, CA 96122
United States of America

If you would like to mail a letter to Wireless Action, you may send a letter. However, the mailbox below is not monitored. Please email us if you plan to send something to the address below:

ATTN: Mrs. Stigler – Safe Technology Club
3301 Saylesville Road
Waukesha, WI 53189
United States of America

You may also send us an email directly instead of using our contact form: – Please use this email address if you need to contact us. While we have listed the email addresses for Save Landlines and Stop Smart Meters below, you will get a response back much faster by contacting us directly. – questions related to SLL’s initiatives to save landlines – questions related to SSM’s initiative to stop smart-meters, administrative questions, donation or tax questions, or other general questions

Don’t hesitate to get involved! You can follow Save Landlines and Stop Smart Meters on Twitter (links in footer), and subscribe to Stop Smart Meters! newsletters (typically one newsletter per month). You can also find local groups in your area to join in the fight against smart-meters.

Need inspiration? Listen to Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” Ted Talk, and also to this video featuring his appearance on Inside Quest, where he discusses many of the social impacts of cell phones (video starts at 44:04).

Want to get involved more? Join an organizing Listserv:
Stop Smart Meters (Electric Embers)
Save Landlines (Electric Embers)
EMF Sanctuary (Electric Embers)
Occupy EMF Harm/Housing (Yahoo Groups)
Occupy EMF/MSC Harm (Yahoo Groups)
EMF Refugee (Yahoo Groups)
Living Simply Off Grid (Yahoo Groups)
Small House Society Online (Yahoo Groups)
No-Spray! (Yahoo Groups)

Want to join a conference call to organize with people from around the world? Please join the “Save Landlines” organizing conference calls held monthly on Tuesdays around 1:10pm Pacific and Occupy EMF‘s conference calls held weekly Thursdays at 11:00am Pacific (click here for agenda).
*To join the Save Landlines tele-conference calls, please join their organizing list (above).

We rely heavily on donations from the public – if you can spare some change, please donate to Stop Smart Meters! Your contributions help educate and organize the public against wireless and can be tax deductible!

Wireless Action does not need monetary donations. If you want to donate money, please donate to Stop Smart Meters! (link above). However, we can always use some more stamps. If you would like to donate stamps, please send stamps in an envelope to the address above (the one on Saylesville Road).